Day One Returning Client

Returning Client

Joining as a returning client helps solidify the DAY ONE Fat Loss Lifestyle further for you.

You’ve learned a lot about Macros and Nutrition! You’ve started the workouts and you’re seeing results. During your first 6 weeks you have also started to lose inches and feel better!

Clients who join another round are serious about their fat loss goals and the results they have seen so far. Continuing with returning client rounds is recommended to keep you making progress and heading towards your long term results.

Our ultimate goal for you is to help you reach your fat loss and body composition goals and to have a better quality of life. We help you learn through successive rounds more about nutrition and how to ultimately eat intuitively to maintain you new body.

We know returning clients are there to put the finishing touches on and reach their desired goal before starting into their maintenance lifestyle.

In the DAY ONE returning client program our main focus is to continue to coach and guide our clients, keeping them accountable and supporting them to see more amazing results!

You’re participating in a life change by taking control and doing it for you! We just can’t stop thinking where you’re going to be after your next round.

Keep up the good work!