Day One New Client

6 week transformation!

NEW CLIENT PROGRAM (this client after her first 6 weeks looking great! Watch for her next updated pictures soon!)

You have decided to change your body and (life) and get to where you want to be when you see yourself in your mind, with less fat and better body composition, so that’s why you’re here!

We are here to help! We know most new clients want to feel in control of their eating and more importantly have their fat GONE! DAY ONE Fat Loss will guide you through the 6 week fat loss process with incredible results.

We keep it simple by first assessing our new clients and coaching them through using proven cutting edge techniques, and teaching them to be a fat burner instead of a sugar burner.

It works for a few reasons. We know how eating affects you on a cellular level and we know how to get your metabolism and body to work for you and not against you!

We teach each client based on their goals, how to eat the right macronutrients combined with other strategies and we keep it real!

REAL WHOLE FOODS, no shakes, pills, powders, and you’ll notice how those good foods are affecting you with better sleep, digestion, energy, mood, strength and stamina.

Clients see stubborn belly fat going away and lean muscles developing! Our main focus is your body composition!

We teach you a healthy sustainable lifestyle and you carry it on!