Q: What does the program include?


  • Comprehensive website
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Evaluation and assessment of your current body composition and goals
  • Shopping suggestions
  • Tips & Recipes
  • Access daily to private group for daily support
  • Every day coaching and nutritional feedback
  • Advice from a Certified Coach
  • Helpful tips on eating out and social events
  • Interaction between fellow clients
  • Plan specific client portal


Q: Do I have to wait for the next Start Date to join?

A: We have new dates starting almost every month! You will receive access to the website, comprehensive guide and prep week info and helpful videos as soon as you sign up. We are available by email to answer questions before we get going in your private class. If you do not see your email from DAY ONE Fat Loss, please check your junk or spam mail.


Q: Do we offer women and mens programs?

A: Yes!  We work with both men and women. Some clients join with their spouses! Many clients enjoy and find it motivational to move ahead together on improving health and learning a new healthy lifestyle!


Q: Can I join the program from wherever I live?

A: Yes! Clients from all over the World can join through social media and using an app on their phone. The program is flexible with no set meeting times.


Q: Do we provide meal plans for each day?

A: We provide sample ideas or meals to help you visualize, but we do not dictate what you eat! The goal is to have you learn and have you eat the foods you love and enjoy and not get stuck to the same meal plan as everyone else!


Q: Are there certain food groups or foods that can not be part of this program?

A: No! Our goal is for you to eat healthy Whole Foods! We do not eliminate any food groups, we eat a balance of proteins, carbs and good fats! Gluten & Dairy can cause inflammation and for that reason we practice Gluten free & Dairy free living as much as possible! Ideally we eliminate Gluten & Dairy


Q: Is alcohol off limits?

A: The goal is to have you learn sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. We understand as part of life you will have social events or special occasions and yes alcohol is allowed. However once you learn how alcohol is liquid sugar and can impact your metabolism and fat loss goals, you will be more motivated to adjust or limit the amount you consume so that you can see the best results.


Q: What is Intermittent Fasting?

A: Intermittent Fasting is an advanced nutritional strategy that involves limiting eating window to within 8 hours a day. Limiting your eating window enables our bodies to break down stored fat on a daily basis. Fasting is just one element of the program. The times are flexible and we help you pick which time is best for you!


Q: I’ve done other programs like Keto, is this the same thing?

A: No! We focus on a balanced Whole Foods lifestyle with focus on Macros. Our program is beneficial and includes carbs, protein and fats.


Q: What are Macros?

A: Macros are simply Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats. Counting Calories does not insure that you are consuming the proper nutrition! It is more important to feed yourself what the body needs to thrive and function!

We mindfully eat our Carbs with sugar because when insulin is released in the body as a hormone it makes us store fat and blocks fat loss.

DAY ONE Fat Loss teaches you mindful macro eating and tools for long term success!


Q: Do I need to have a gym membership? And what if I can’t exercise?

A: We provide a personal exercise portal with in home exercises!


Q: What equipment do I need to do the workouts?

A: A few low weight dumbells, like 5-10 lbs. or a kettle ball.


Q: Do we meet in person?

A: No, everything is done online and on your schedule. Very flexible!


Q: Will I need to buy additional products to do this program?

A: No! No shakes, pills or powders needed! Our focus is on Real Whole Foods nutrition!


Q: What if the exercise is too hard for me?

A: You can still do the program and have success. Many of our clients do zero exercise and still see great results! What we eat is 80% of the fat loss equation!


Q: If I am breastfeeding can I do the program?

A: Yes, it’s all about healthy eating with good nutrition and increasing activity. Most BF Moms do well!


Q: I don’t want to lose weight just tone up. Is this program still good for me?

A: Yes! This program will help you feel more energy and get more lean!


Q: I’m going on vacation, should I wait to sign up or start?

A: No! You can use the program while away or at home! The program teaches you successful long term lifestyle strategies and is a sustainable plan. It’s not a race! Just give it your best and little successes add up!


Q: What is Prep Week?

A: Our start dates begin with Prep Week for your first week of the Program. During Prep Week you begin to learn, get educated and practice! That way you’re already making steps towards fat loss and your goals! You will receive great information, access to videos and your App during Prep Week, so you’re set for success!


Q: If I’m not into cooking a lot and detailed recipes, can this still work for me?

A: Yes! We suggest you keep it simple with foods you like and in their simplest form when you’re busy! You may find you cook more on the weekends and have more fun trying a new recipe then! Whole foods are easy to prepare. Our motto is “Try to stay natural and not processed and packaged “. There are some healthy foods that come in packages, but think “Natural” not “Manmade”. We give simple meal ideas, but how much you cook is up to you. Our clients over time find they enjoy getting back into the kitchen and cooking again!


Q: I’m a Vegan, can I still do the program?

A: Most of our Vegan clients do great! We are not a high protein program, so Vegans do well. Some Vegans add a plant based supplement as they need it!


Q: I am very busy with Family. Can I do this program?

A: Yes! Most people lead such busy lives, overscheduled and full! Our goal is to show you how to eat healthier, even on the go! This program is not effortless, you have to participate and learn! We give you ideas for foods on the go during the course of the program, but many clients like to maximize their success and plan at least some of their meals ahead of time! If you’re tired of feeling chronically tired, then eating healthy will motivate you to make better choices and get prepared!


Q: I have some health issues like diabetes, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, can I still participate?

A: Most of the time we have found clients with these health problems do great on our programs. Our Whole Foods program promotes good health and energy! The foods we eat in our program work for you and do not promote inflammation! We have had great fat loss success even with clients that have medical issues! If you are concerned, ask your physician if a Whole Foods lifestyle will be an improvement for you!


Q: Are refunds available if I change my mind?

A: We provide information to you when you enroll, therefore, we cannot offer refunds. Please read through everything and email us if you have any questions before you sign up. If you want to do the program, but this is not a good time for you, contact us by email and we can reschedule you for the next round.


Q: I like the program so much, can I become a coach for DAY ONE Fat Loss?

A: Yes! We hold coach enrollment and interviews for the clients with promise, several times a year. Read the details under the ” Becoming a Coach Section”.


Q: Can I continue to another round if I want to continue losing inches and want to continue to succeed?

A: Yes! We offer returning client rounds at a reduced rate for our clients! We want you to have the support you need and want! You will sign up as a returning client for the next round following your current round completion.