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Day One Fat Loss coaches are passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. Sometimes there are clients who love their DAY ONE experience so much they desire to help others achieve success too!

Our focus has always remained consistent; Day One Fat Loss is here to help people lose fat, have more energy, improve nutrition and feel more confident about themselves.

So if you walk through life with a melody in your heart this could be a great fit. Please get in touch to learn more about your coaching opportunity.

We only select coaches a few times each year. To be considered you must have completed at least one round of the Day One Fat Loss program or be in the process of one at time of inquiry.

We know it’s exciting when you begin to feel the benefits of the Day One program and you want to share your success with others!

Join the waiting list to become a Day One Fat Loss coach by registering below.

We will contact you via email when new coach enrollment is open. Respond to the email that you are ready to take the next step and we will schedule a new coach interview.

If you are accepted into the program, invest in the Day One Fat Loss coach program and you will receive forms and prep materials to proceed into the studying and test portion of the program.

After studying and passing the open notes exam you will receive an acceptance letter and Day One Fat Loss coach certificate!

After your approval you may begin the next steps to promote your Day One online groups. From there get ready to shine, you are officially part of the Day One Fat Loss Coaching Community!

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